Writing Workshop – Parent Googlemeet

Thank you to all the parents that attended this workshop and for all of the positive feedback. Thank you especially to Miss Muckell and Mrs Roe for sharing their expertise. I am delighted the Googlemeet element worked for you all. Unfortunately, for some reason the recording only recorded the parents voices and Mrs Roe’s but not my own. I  share the original slides with notes. Hopefully this will allow you to understand the key elements of the workshop and learn to play the two games at the end with your family – fun and easy we hope. If there are enough requests, I shall make another recording and ensure the sound is recorded! Thank you again. There will be many more to come!

With the first game: here is a successful order for word types to be added to the paper and then folded over. It works mostly. As you become more confident, you will be able to adjust the types of words you ask for.

Adjective, Noun (pick a name), Adverb, Verb (past tense works best), preposition, THE(a definitive article), adjective, adjective, adjective, Noun (pick an animal)

Do warn the players that sometimes funny things come out and not to take it personally – ‘Smelly Mr Roberts’ being Miss Muckell and my example!

However, I was so impressed with the parental version:

Anarchic Sabriel eloquently hopped on the large beautiful purple peacock. 

Now there’s an amazing start to any story and I want to know so much more: Who is Sabriel? Why are they anarchic? What makes them eloquent? What are they? Why are they jumping on the peacock? Is this an attack or for a ride? Where is this happening?

As always, questions and suggestions gratefully received.


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