#Powertothepupils Rakshith’s POWER!

A few weeks ago, Rakshith (Year 5) came to talk to me and said he thought we could improve our PE equipment. Some of the balls were a little worn etc. Whilst we have a great range of PE resources, there is always room for improvement and I explained to Rakshith that we have to be careful with our money and everyone is taking more care of their money with Covid19 costs and a lot of uncertainty moving forward. Rakshith smiled and nodded and, as I recall, that was the end of the conversation and woul be the end of the idea…

= Lesson 1 – never underestimate children!

Then a little later, Rakshith explained he was going to try and make a difference and I received a lovely email from Rakshith’s parents saying a similar thing.

= Lesson 2 – never underestimate the community!

I was incredibly impressed with Rakshith’s ‘have a go’ attitude and was expecting that we might fund a new football or two.

= Lesson 3 – keep an open mind – POWER to the pupils!

A huge thank you to Rakshith, his parents and everyone in the community that supported Rakshith’s gofundme page! We will be asking Rakshith to work with Miss Sedgwick and Mr Rivers to identify the best way we can use the money to further improve our PE resources. #powertothepupils WOW!

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on “#Powertothepupils Rakshith’s POWER!
One Comment on “#Powertothepupils Rakshith’s POWER!
  1. Rakshith, this is amazing! What an incredible role model you are to our school and likewise, your parents to you. Thank you for caring and being passionate enough to find a solution.
    Brilliant! Best wishes, Mrs Rowland

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